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Drexel University: A Comprehensive Research University

Ranked as one of the top 100 universities in the U.S., Drexel University gives students a unique college experience, including co-op education opportunities to take students beyond the classroom. Schedule a visit to see for yourself.

More information: http://drexel.edu/

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Jvcklive : this video almost made me cry, I wish I went to college
broot : this may be my dream school... :)
Mary L Mosley-Sorrell : I like this great institution
KuPoMoMo : Best day of my life, got a full ride to this university today!!!!!
Isabelle Dominick : I hope I get in I so wanna apply here! 3 more years!

Briana’s Drexel Campus Tour

Join Briana, one of our student ambassadors, for a quick walk through some of Drexel’s most prominent on-campus locations.

Crazy YouTuber Guy : I worked at the DragonCard office in the summer of 1999.. when I was still an information systems freshman. =) Warms regards to John Tatum and the rest of the staff of the DragonCard office of 1999. =)
Ruth Harris : Congratulation Jugi, so proud of you. My best wishes for a bright future. God Bless love you.
Olympia Laswai : I am grateful to be placed at Drexel for the Mandela Washington fellowship
John Adeyemo : ❤
Miguel Maquiran : Go Dragons!


Hi, my loves! So in this video, I share what I wish I knew before attending Drexel. I thought of the top 15 things that I wish an upperclassman would've told me when I was coming in as a freshman.

Age: 20
School: Drexel University
Year: Sophmore
Major: Graphic Design

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✭B u s i n e s s I n q u i r e s✭

See you all next time!! xx Catherine
Yovana Raab : Loved your detail and overview- by far the best video I have seen so far!
annie stuber : Please make a video about what it’s like being a graphic design major/ things you wish you knew before being a graphic design student! I’m going to Drexel this fall as a graphic design major and I’d like to know more about it!
siena : Hi!! Thank you for posting this, I was admitted to drexel as a graphic design major and am still trying to make a decision! What's the social environment & student body like? Do you feel like you can still have fun and make friends between classes and co-ops?
Michael Hyatt : Alum just sitting in on your rant. Former evening student in architecture. Couldn't help but LOL at some of your peeves. So true, so true. However, winced at how Westfall nickel and dimes you. Sounds painful.
hadleylauren : what are some of your favorite spots around philly?? i just got into penn, so i'm trying to find some cute spots to hit next year :)




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